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Custom Chop (Stamp) - Hand-Painted Chinese Zodiac Sign Ox

Side: hand-painted ox
Material: stone
Impression size: about 0.8" (2cm) square
Height: about 2" (5cm)
Production time: 3-5 business days

Our artisan will hand carve your name, words or design at the bottom. We offer free translation if you choose to carve Chinese characters. The package includes a chop, a ceramic jar of ink paste, and a presentation box.

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Customized chop are carved and ready for shipment in 3-5 business days.Read more...

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All chops come with a presentation box and ink paste.

Allowed file extensions to upload: jpg,jpeg,gif,png

Maximum image width: 800 px.

Maximum image height: 600 px.

Maximum number of characters: 50

Maximum number of characters: 25

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Being the 2nd of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs, the Ox is believed to be strong and dependable. With a hand-painted ox on one side, this stamp makes nice gift to anyone who is an ox. If you were born at one of the dates below, you are an Ox.
02/19/1901 - 02/07/1902
02/06/1913 - 01/25/1914
01/25/1925 - 02/12/1926
02/11/1937 - 01/30/1938
01/29/1949 - 02/16/1950
02/15/1961 - 02/04/1962
02/03/1973 - 01/22/1974
02/20/1985 - 02/08/1986
02/07/1997 - 01/27/1998
01/26/2009 - 02/13/2010