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Custom Chop (Stamp) - Hand-Painted Eagle

Side: hand-painted eagle
Material: stone
Impression size: about 0.8" (2cm) square
Height: about 2" (5cm)
Production time: 3-5 business days

Our artisan will hand carve your name, words or design at the bottom. We offer free translation if you choose to carve Chinese characters. The package includes a chop, a ceramic jar of ink paste, and a presentation box.

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Customized chop are carved and ready for shipment in 3-5 business days.Read more...

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All chops come with a presentation box and ink paste.

Allowed file extensions to upload: jpg,jpeg,gif,png

Maximum image width: 800 px.

Maximum image height: 600 px.

Maximum number of characters: 50

Maximum number of characters: 25

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It can be very confusing when you’re trying to figure out what to give someone for their birthday or for a special moment in their lives. If at the moment you are searching for a gift for an important person in your life, then you should definitely go for this eagle stamp. The eagle is the chief over all winged creatures. It is viewed as a messenger of the heavens; it is often depicted as a protector, symbolizes courage and strength, and is revered for its power of sight.